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X96ML mold level system
X96ML mold level system
XSD-1000 radiation detection system
XSD-1000 radiation detection system
The XSD-1000 radiation detection system detects the presence of very low-levels of gamma radioactive materials hidden within a vehicle or container. In industrial applications the system is invaluable in helping catch radioactive material in scrap material before it enters a facility and causes contamination, resulting in costly cleanup expenses. Use of the system in areas of interest for homeland security provides for the early detection of gamma radiation materials, which could be used as a threat to national security.
X96S non-contact weigh scale
X96S non-contact weigh scale
- Most Measurements Made with Low- level Sources (0.9 mCi 0.033 GBq)
- Automatic Zero on Empty Conveyor
- Absorber Plates for High Calibration
- Lightweight
- Low Maintenance / No Component Wear
- Batching Capability
X96 ML mold level system
X96 ML mold level system
with an unmatched update time of 10 ms
X90 Point Level Monitor detector
X90 Point Level Monitor detector
MicroFLEX 2100 interface level system
MicroFLEX 2100 interface level system
- Motor Driven or Static System
- Measures up to 100 Feet (30 Meters)
- Ability to Track Specific Interface(s) or Profile(s) including Liquids, Gasses and Foam
- Display of Interface Level, Source Level and Process Density
- Ability to Adjust for Density Changes of Stratified Layers
- Remote Control Capabilities
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