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Annunciators Lamp Boxes Fault Finders Annunciator (Serial Input) Protocol Converter (X120-400) New Sequence of Events Recorders Mosaic Graphic Display Indicators

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Indicator Lights
Lamp cabinets offer design flexibility and virtually maintenance-free operation. Ronan's extensive line of lamp cabins is designed for indicating visual status from remote annunciator logic, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), or from ON/OFF relay or solid state drivers.
X71 Mosaic Graphic System
X71 Mosaic Graphic System
High-strength structural frame
Small and larger depth frames available
Glass-filled nylon grid for maximum strength
Fire-retardant grid and tile materials
1 inch and 2 inch square tiles
Large number of tile colors available
Translucent tiles for rear-lit symbols
Single/multicolor indicators
Multicolor split indicators
Through or behind tile indicators
X500F Sequence of Events Recorders
X500F Sequence of Events Recorders
128 Channel Multiplexers with Ethernet Output, GPS Time Receiver and IRIG-B Time Code Generator 200 μsec Time Resolution
1 msec Resolution
Browser Interface to Multiplexer for Configuration, Event Display and History View
Local 8,000 Event Storage
X500E Sequence of Events Recorders
X500E Sequence of Events Recorders
Central Processor Unit - Industrial Grade, with Floppy, CD ROM and Hard Disc, or Solid State Memory, Intel Pentium Class Microprocessor
Multi-CPU Networked Systems for up to 64 Multiplexers
Single Train or Multiple Redundant Systems Architecture
1 mS Resolution for any Number of Inputs
Up to 8 ASCII Printer Ports with Selective Event Routing
Grouping of Events for Video Display or Printout
Color Video with Selective Color and Blink for each Input
Multiple Split Window Display of Events, Operator Interaction, System Diagnostic Status, and Input State
100,000 or 500,000 Event History Storage
Search/Review of Event History Data Base
Selective Data Printout and Screen Print
Multicolor Reports, Events, and Files Printout
X120-400 Protocol Converter
X120-400 Protocol Converter
Ronan X120-400 Data Converter Unit provides Protocol Translation between MODBUS, Allen Bradley and Ronan X120 and Ronan X500E Protocols. The unit offers selectable baud rate, flexible input and output ports selection and can be powered by different power sources.
X120 Multiplexer/Termination Unit
X120 Multiplexer/Termination Unit
The Ronan Model X120 Multiplexer is designed to continuously monitor up to 48 dry field contacts, voltage transmissions (live contacts), or solid state switching devices (SCR抯, Transistors, etc.). The unit transfers the status of all inputs, open or closed, alarmed or normal via serial communication to the receiver, a Digital Control System (DCS), Plant Computer, or Serial Input Device such as the Ronan Model X110 Visual Annunciator Controller. The X120 features two types of termination facilities, standard compression or quick disconnect compression, allowing simple disconnect of an input for ground fault isolation or disabling a point.
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