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Solids Point Level Switch

Solids Point Level Switch Provide a variety of level switches, including Rotating Paddle, tuning fork, vibrating rods, RF admittance, Microwave and other types level switches for different application environment; provide professional technical advisory services and reliable products.

Name Product show Description Remarks
MicroSWITCH R2300 Series Universal RF Admittance Level Switch
Easy-on probe
Adjustable time delay
Built-in diagnostics
High sensitivity, stable electronics
Tropicalized (conformal coated) electronics
Sensitivity adjustment
Probe status indicator Modular Electronics
Built-In Static Protection
DPDT Relay
Rugged Probe Designs
Ambient Temperatures Up to 185 °F (85 °C)
High/Low fail-safe, field settable
MicroSWITCH R2350S Series RF Level Switch
Universal – Wide Range of Point Level Applications – detects the level of powders, granules, conductive or non-conductive liquids … even the sticky ones.
Makes the sensor immune to adverse effects from conductive coating build-up.
High Sensitivity and Stability –
For critical low response applications.
Designed to Survive –
RF immune, vibration-proof, all circuit boards are conformal coated (tropicalized) for extra protection - at no extra cost.
Ten-Year Warranty –
The only level instruments available with this unique assurance of quality.
Easy-On Probe Connection –
Automatically provides simple, fast installation and reliable operation without wires, connectors, or terminal strips. Simply screw probe into the housing.
No part of the probe can fall into the process or be blown from the mounting. No re-tightening of seals required.
MicroSWITCH RKK Moving-Resist Level Switches
MicroSWITCH RKK Moving-Resist Level Switches
MicroSWITCH RKK measures, alarms and auto-controls the powders, grains and lumps materials in an opening silo or a closing silo. The meter has got a good effect and is widely used in industry production by the iron and steel, flameproof, cement, rubber, chemical fiber and electrical power industry. Model UL meter is a mechanical meter, which with simple structure, high temperature-proof, dust-proof, shockproof, no complex wires, reliable control and long period running.
MicroSWITCH EK5010 Rotary Paddle Level Switches
MicroSWITCH EK5010 Rotary Paddle Level Switches
MicroSWITCH R2000Tx Level Switch
MicroSWITCH R2000Tx Level Switch,Wide Temperature Range: Standard process temperature: -184 to 400°C, choose
ceramics probe for higher temperature.
MicroSWITCH AH5050 Series Air Hammer
MicroSWITCH AH5050 Series Air Hammer
Impact of large magnetic
Off the powder effect
Less air consumption
Low operating costs
Energy-saving effect
Simple structure to facilitate the demolition;
Innovative designs, unique
Pistons impact resistance, and can explosion
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