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Ronan Leak Detection Measurement

CSLD & Inventory Management Environmental Management Single or Double Wall Line Monitor Hydrocarbon Vapor Monitor Above Ground Tank Monitor Leak Detect. & Inv. Management Probes and Detectors !!!NEW!!! Portable HydroStatic Tester

Name Product show Description Remarks
X76CTM-P Portable HydroStatic Tester
X76CTM-P Portable HydroStatic Tester
X76RA-4X Remote Leak Detection Annunciator
X76RA-4X Remote Leak Detection Annunciator
Weather-Tight, Corrosion-Proof NEMA 4X Enclosure
Highly Visible Alarm Indicator
High Frequency Horn Rated 80 Decibels at 10 Feet
Integral Alarm Test/Acknowledge Button
Easy Surface Mounting Tabs
Designed for Years of Trouble-Free Service
Intrinsically Safe Interface
UL Listed
X76VS Vapor/Liquid Detection System
Up to 6 or 12 Input Modules
Auxiliary Contact Output Per Sensor
Audible and Visual Alarms
Vapor Sensors
Liquid Level Sensors
Intrinsically Safe Interface to All Sensors
UL Listing for All Sensors
Display Module to Measure Vapor Level Parts Per Million (ppm) and Alarm Setpoint
Hydrostatic Leak Detector for Double-wall Tanks
Positive Pressure Sensors for Pressurized Double-wall Tanks
X76HVD-4 Vapor Input Module
X76HVD-4 Vapor Input Module
The module features a front panel mounted amber LED indicator for sensor failure and a two-color LED, green for power on, turning red to show faulty wiring, e.g. short, open or incorrect polarity. Optionally, a contact or conductivity type level switch connected to the module provides indication (red LED) that the sensor is submerged.
X76DM-4B Pipe Line Leak Monitor Module
X76DM-4B Pipe Line Leak Monitor Module
X76AST-4X Above Ground Tank Monitor
X76AST-4X Above Ground Tank Monitor
The X76AST-4X, Three-Channel Leak Detection System, is designed to give years of reliable trouble-free operation. Perfectly suited for the aboveground storage tank owner, the X76AST-4X is supplied in a weather-tight, corrosion proof, NEMA-4X enclosure, which is suitable for installation indoors or outdoors. The system size, 7-1/4"W x 9-1/4"H x 5"D, is easily installed even in the smallest locations.
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